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Electric Furnaces for Heating Steel—II

Facts and Figures Relating to New and Valuable Methods

By Alcan Hirsch

Musical Woods

Marine Wood Borers

Little Known Crustaceans of Destructive Habits

By Clyde H. Truesdale

A Museum of Crime

Electric Ignition Devices for Gas Engines

Acoustics of Auditoriums—I

An Investigation of the Acoustical Properties of the Auditorium of the University of Illinois

By F. R. Watson

The Widening Pellagra Zone

The Welfare of Workmen in European Enterprises

Improved Housing Provided, and Health and Social Conditions Considered

By C. Van Langendonck

Modern Electric Protective Devices

Rail Sections as an Element in Steam and Electric Traction—I

Early History of Track Construction and Developments Made Possible

By P. H. Dudley

Deep Sea Soundings

Measuring Shocks of Vehicles and Vibrations of Buildings

A Means for Investigating Important Traffic Problems

Prehistoric Man and his early Efforts to Combat Disease

Some Interesting Experiments Reproducing Primitive Surgical Methods

By T. Wilson Parry

The use of Marine Turbines

One of the Mysteries of Chemistry

Useful Reactions Where the Inducing Substance is not Changed or Consumed

The Explosibility of Grain Dusts

Photo-Activity of the Blood


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