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Rail Sections as an Element in Steam and Electric Traction—II

Early History of Track Construction and Developments Made Possible

By P. H. Dudley

The Type-Reading Optophone

By E. E. Fournier d*amp*apos;Albe

Effects of the War on Employment in Germany

Spanish Cedar

Sources of Supply of this Substitute for Mahogany

Comfort for Workers in Washington's Government Buildings

Necessity for Modern Sanitary Conditions Now Being Recognized

By Day Allen Willey

How to Determine Type of Motor

Determining by the Leads Whether a Direct-Current Motor is Shunt, Series orCompound Wound

By F. A. Annett

The Prismatic Astrolabe

By David Rines

The Effect of Water Pressure upon the Form of Fishes

A Study of Evolution of Form Resulting from Conditions of Life and Habits

Casino at Interlaken

Ideals in City Planning

Improvement and Operation of Cities a Work for Trained Experts

By Harrington Emerson

Acoustics of Auditoriums—II

An Investigation of the Acoustical Properties of the Auditorium of the University of Illinois

By F. R. Watson

Glazed Frost

The Gulf Stream

Causes That Governs Its Course, and Its Effect on Climate

French Bullets Humane

A Positive Postcard Camera


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