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Actual Instances of Dual Personalities—I

Cases in Real Life That Rival the Wildest Fiction

By Edward Tyson Reichert

A Valuable Sub-Tropical Hay Grass

Preventing Soil Erosion

Translucent Glass Bricks

Odessa, the Grain Port of Russia

The Pearl Fisheries of Ceylon

How the Pearl-Bearing Oysters are Gathered by Naked Divers

By R. I. Geare

X-Rays and Crystalline Structure-

Discoveries That Assist in the Understanding of Theories of X-Rays and Light

By William H. Bragg

The Geology of the Yellowstone National Park

A Striking Topographical Structure and a Complete Geological Problem

By Carl Hawes Butman

Purification of Water by the Ultra-Violet Rays

Principles Underlying the Most Recent System for Destroying Germ Life

By M. von Recklinghausen

The Photokaleidograph

An Apparatus for the Production of Kaleidoscopic Pictures

The Stars around the North Pole

The Determination of Their Proper and Irregular Motions

Another System of Generating Electricity

Dr. Bose's Visit to America

Locomotive Headlights


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