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Malaria and the Transmission of Diseases

Radical Improvements Needed in Public Health Methods

Applied Electrical Science in 1914

Wide Field Open to Research as an Aid to Practical Application

By A. E. Kennelly

Stereoscopic Photographs

New Light on the Great Toothed Divers of America

Remarkable Bird Forms of Prehistoric Times

By R.W. Shufeldt

An Electrically Driven Warship

Radio-Active Fertilizers

Employment of War Prisoners

An Experiment in Forestry

Military Surgery

Some Lessons Taught by the Present War

Installation of a Gas Engine

Points to be Observed in Buying, Transporting, Placing and Starting

Motor Fuel in Germany

A Great Railway Electrification Project

440 Miles of the Chicago, Milwaukee&St. Paul Mountain Lines to be Operated by Electric Power

Handling Freight by Motor Trucks

Arithmetical Machines—I

Their History, Theory and Methods of Construction

By H. E. Goldberg

The Fluorescence of Petroleum Distillates

By Benjamin T. Brooks and Raymond F. Bacon

Cement from Beets

“Suction” between Passing Ships—III

Important But Little Understood Forces Affecting the Motion of Vessels

By A. Reeve

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