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Recent Significant Developments in Science and Engineering

A Review and Explanation of the Most Important Advances

A Shortage of Wood-Pulp Threatened

X-Ray Diffraction Patterns

An X-Ray Inspection of a Steel Casting

Experiments on a Method for Discovering Hidden Defects in Metal

By Wheeler P. Davey

Irrigation with Fresh Water from the Sea

By E. J. Moynihan

Impact from Flat Wheels

The European War and Potash Supplies

A Consideration of the Possible Sources of Material for Home Manufacture

By Thomas J. Keenan

Discoveries about Bacteria

A Simple Description of What They Are and What They Do

By Ray Lankester

The Origin of the Rocky Mountains

As Told by Evidence Gathered by the Geological Survey of Canada

By S. J. Schofield

Explosion of an Electric Transformer

Protection from Earthquakes

Principles of Location and Methods of Construction Found Desirable

By Th. Moreux

The Causes of Solar Heat

By A. Veronnet

Electric Lighting on American Railways

The Canon Ball Tree of Tropical America

New Three-Phase Motors

The Explosion of Kerosene Lamps

The Gas from Blast Furnaces—I

Its Cleaning and Utilization

By J. E. Johnson

Profits from Public Forests

The Lightest known Wood

Locating Metals in Wounds

Hypnosis or Agony of Fear?


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