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Monorail Electric Cranes

Meroë the Royal City of Ethiopia

Important Discoveries that Indicate Advanced Knowledge of Arts and Sciences

The Engineer in the Field

Encouraging Tree Planting

Wireless Telegraphy

A Review of Some Notable Developments of the Past Year

A Practical Fertilizer for Wartime in Germany

Making Safe Steel Rails

A New Process Intended to Meet Modern Railroad Requirements

Waste in Hiring and Discharging Employees

A Discussion of an Important Industrial Problem

By Magnus W. Alexander

Properties of Selenium

Electric Power for Agriculture

New Faunal Conditions in the Canal Zone

Notes of an Expedition to Investigate the Results of the Physical Changes in this Region

By H. E. Anthony

On the Temperature of the Mercury Arc

By J. C. McLennan

Protection against Torpedoes

A Discussion of the New Conditions Created by Mines and Submarines

Edward Weston's Inventions

Revolutionizing Discoveries that Resulted from Exact Observation and Original Chemical Theories

By L. H. Baekeland

Long Reinforced Concrete Bridges

The Gas from Blast Furnaces—II

Its Cleaning and Utilization

By J. E. Johnson

Fastening Metals to Marble

“Twilight Sleep” in the Light of Day


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