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Aeronautics and the War

A Review of What Aeroplanes Have Done and of Their Development During the Year

The making of Large Guns

Some Details and Methods of Constructing Modern Weapons

Auxiliary Military Motor Cars

Various Kinds of Cars That Have Been Developed to Meet Requirements of Armies in the Field

High Explosives in Warfare

Interesting Facts Relating to Their Composition and Action

By W. Macnab

Winter Wireless News Service to the Magdalen Islands

The Preserving of Food Products

Training for the Municipal Service

How Public Business is Conducted Efficiently and Without Waste in German Cities

By Clyde Lyndon King

Thinking Animals

A Military Wireless Outfit

X-Ray Work in War

Developments in Practical Applications as Now Used in the Field and in Hospitals

Effect of the War upon Crime

Wireless Telephony

Chemistry of Flaming Arc Carbons

Their Development and Operation

By William C. Moore

Uniformity in Dosage of Radium Emanation

The Various Forms Employed and Methods of Preparation

By William Jay Schieffelin

Aeroplane Darts and Fire Darts

Philosophy and Technics

Catalysis in the Gas Industry

Instantaneous Photography without Camera or Plate

Coal the Big Item

The Gas from Blast Furnaces—III

Its Cleaning and Utilization

By J. E. Johnson

Utilizing Old Equipment

A Unique Hydraulic Plant


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February 20, 1915