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Personal Biologic Examinations

The Condition of Adequate Medical and Scientific Conduct of Life

By George M. Gould

Cultivation of Living Tissues outside the Body

Experiments with Flying Boat Hulls

By Carl Hawes Butman

Wheatstone Bridge for Resistance Thermometry

Diseases Dangerous at Different Periods of Life

Snag Boats on Flood Rivers

A Safeguard to Navigation

By Day Allen Willey

Advantages of Surface Combustion

Artificial Production of Vigorous Trees

Valuable Sports and Hybrids that have an Interesting History

Electro—Culture of the Soil

A Discussion of the Part Taken by Electrical Processes in Biological Reaction

Records of Radio Time Signals

Made With a Physiological Recorder

By C. W. Waggoner

Hydrogen, its Technical Production and Uses

By A. F. Seeker

Electric Waves and Oscillations

A Means of Investigating the Interior of the Earth

By Gotthelf Leimbach

German System and Method

The Effect of the War on Her Industriesasupp

The Government to Certify Timepieces

The Hydraulic Mining Cartridge

A Mechanical Device for Use Where Explosives Are Impossible

By James Tonge

The Flight of a Golf Ball

Snow Removal

Report of the Conference Held in Philadelphia, April, 1914

A New Passenger Ropeway

The Protection of Iron and Steel by Paint Films

By Norman A. Dubois


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    March 06, 1915