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The Relation of the Horse-Power to the Kilowatt

Reasons for the Adoption of an Absolute and Invariable Standard of Power

The Rural School and the Hookworm Disease

The Greatest Medium for the Spread of the Infection and the Most Important Protective Agency

Model Target Ranges in Belgium

The Defense of Belgium by Inundation

Something of the History and Geography of the Flooded Region

By P. Sallior

Deformation of the Earth by the Moon

Methods of Solving the Problem and Its Difficulties

By Otto Klotz

Comparison of the Silver and Iodine Voltameter

Removing Particles of Metal from Wounds

Astronomical and Mathematical Research

The Strongest Vault in the World

Its Massive Construction and Unusual Method of Protection

Refractory Materials and the War

Trinitrotoluene in the War

Gyrostatic Action

As Applied to Torpedoes, Submarine Craft and Aeroplanes

By Jas. G. Gray

The Effects of Bends on Electrical Conductors

The Future of the Police Arm

Considered from an Engineering Standpoint

By Henry Bruere


Theories, and Experiments Conducted in an Endeavor to Solve the Problem

By Wilhelm Schmidt

New Books, Etc.

The Educational Scrap Heap and the Blind Alley Job

The Need of Opportunities for Working Youth

By L. W. Dooley


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