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Recent Evidence for the Existence of the Nucleus Atom

Varied Theories Developed, but Much is to be Done to Furnish Definite Ideas

By Alfred D. Cole

Behavior of Incandescent Lamps

Watching the Earth Revolve

An Apparatus that Enables the Movements of the Earth to be Directly Studied

By Arthur H. Compton

Petroleum Conditions in Russia

The Koepsel Permeameter

The Economies of Home Lighting

Facts and Figures on Various Systems, Past and Present

By Reginald Trautschold

Science and the Tariff

Delicate Apparatus Employed in Determining Customs Duties

By E. E. Pickrell

An Airship in the Field

A Personal Narrative from a German Observer

Damascus Blades

The Reaction of the Planets upon the Sun—II

Influence of the Earth and a Study of Sun Spots

By P. Puiseux

Fuel Oil on Railroads

Photographing Projectiles—I

Securing Records by Means of Illumination from Electric Sparks

A Quality of Electrolytic Iron

Making Steel by Electricity

Various Systems; Their Merits and Defects

New Books, Etc.


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