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The Sakurajima Eruptions and Earthquakes

By E. Omori

Gasoline Locomotives

By A. H. Ehle

Effect of Moisture in the Earth on Temperature of Underground Cables

Testing the Sensibility of Plants

By Jagadis Chunder Bose

What Happens when Gunpowder Explodes

Electrolytic Iron Melted in Vacuo

The Gatun Dam

By C. D. Ward

Printing for the Blind

The Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition—I

Its Movements in South America and Some of its Zoological Achievements

By L. E. Miller

Progress in Aeronautics

A Review of Recent Air-raids and what they have Accomplished

By Major H. Bannerman-Phillips

Equilibrium of the Body

Wireless Transmission of Energy—l

An Explanation of its General Nature and Relationship to Transmission by Wire

By Elihu Thomson

The Thomas Military Tractor Biplane

German Railways and the War

The Schumann Region of the Spectrum

The Uses of Light in the Treatment of Disease

Its Value as an Efficient Remedy when Properly Employed

By E. C. Titus

New Books, Etc.


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