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A Resume of the Literature and Summary of Facts from Scattered Sources

Buying a Second-Hand Automobile

Defects that are Apt to Exist and Suggestions for Examination before Purchasing

By Victor W. Pag*amp*eacute;

An Inventors' Bank

By our Berlin Correspondent

Hour Angle Observation of Polaris by Daylight

By Robert V. R. Reynolds

The Pottery Industry of the United States

The Treasure of Lahun

Beautiful Jewelry Ornaments and Tools Found in a Plundered Pyramid

By W. M. Flinders Petrie

How the Science of Preventive Medicine is Minimizing Accidents

Washington-Paris Longitude by Radio Signals

A Valuable Application of Wireless Communication

By F. B. Littell and G. A. Hill

How Narcotics Affect Plants

The Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition—II

Its Movements in South America and Some of its Zoological Achievements

By L. E. Miller

Wireless Transmission of Energy—II

An Explanation of its General Nature and Relationship to Transmission by Wire

By Elihu Thomson

New Books, Etc.


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