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Atoms and Ions—I

A Comprehensive Discussion Especially as Related to Gases

By J. J. Thomson

Whetstones in the United States National Museum

Why Vocational Guidance?

Misdirection of Abilities avoided and Future Success Made More Certain

By Benjamin C. Gruenberg

Coaling United States Warships

By Special Vessels with Ingenious Fittings to do the Work Rapidly

The Rifling of Firearms

Why it is Necessary, and Some of the Principles Involved

The Dyestuff Situation

Reasons why the Establishment of Competative Plants Would Be Poor Financial Policy

By Arthur D. Little

Arthur Von Auwers

The Motor Truck in Modern Military Service

Many Uses for Motor Vehicles Which Have Become Indispensable in War

The Evolution of the Elements: The Evidence of the Stars

That the Various Chemical Elements Merge Into One Another by a Process of Evolution

By John W. N. Sullivan

Manufacture of Antiseptics

Temperature Coefficient of Magnetic Permeability within the Working Range

Manufacture of Gasoline by “Cracking” Heavy Oils

The Evolution of the Etrich “Taube”

How a Seed-pod Was Developed into an Aeroplane

An Electric-Steam Wrecking Crane

The Formation of Ozone in the Upper Atmosphere—I

And its Influence on the Optical Properties of the Sky

By J. N. Pring

The Planetary Nebulæ

By Russell Sullivan

Flashlight Signals on the Boston & Maine

Gaseous Explosions


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    Correspondence - May 1, 1915

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