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Shrapnel and Shrapnel Manufacture

Star Clusters

Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen

The Chemical Industries of Germany—I

An Historical Review of Processes and Conditions

By Percy F. Frankland

The Earth Considered as a Heat Engine

A Chapter in the Thermodynamics of Nature

By George F. Becker

Measurements of the Planet Saturn

Automobile Lubrication—I

How to Test, and How to Use Various Classes of Oils and Greases

By C. W. Stratford

The Science of the Cipher

And an Explanation of Bacon's Undecipherable System

By William W. Brewton

A Motorcycle Street Sweeper

Ancient Wax Seals

Coal Mined by Machines

A Stop Motion for Moving Picture Machines

An Ingenious and Radical Improvement

By W. B. Morton

Lightning Rods

Unit Coal


Modern Methods of Producing and Refining Various Metals

By Joseph W. Richards

Artificial Production of Caoutchouc

Considerations of Synthetic Production of an Elastic Colloidal Substance

By F. Willy Hinrichsen

Cost in Cement Manufacture


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