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The Defenses of Constantinople

Ample Preparations That Have Been Made by Turkey to Resist Invasion

By H. Charles Woods

Volatile Matter, Fixed Carbon and Sulphur in Coal

Necessity for Mine Operators to Know the Ash Values of their Coal

A New Type of Aeroplane

An “Even Keel” Flyer Embodying Many Original Features

By Thomas A. Edison Lake

Tetanus Serum for the French Army

German War-Driven Scientific Progress


The Intimate Relations of Light and Electricity

By J. A. Fleming

Kilns for Lime Burning

Problems of Geographical Influence

Physiological and Psychical Influences That Are Affected by Environment

Italy and Engineering

Sugar Beet Cultivation in England

Machining Shrapnel Shells

Many Accurate Operations Necessary to Produce a Perfect Projectile

By Douglas T. Hamilton

Labor Statistics of Coal Mining

The Manufacture of Condensed Milk, Casein, Etc.—I

Discussion of Methods of Analyses

By R. T. Mohan

Principles of Coal Sampling

How Daily Records Save Coal


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