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A Nation in Perspective

How Canada Has Brought Her Scenery and Resources to the Panama-Pacific Exposition

By Edward H. Hurlbut


The Intimate Relations of Light and Electricity

By J. A. Fleming

How a 25 Per Cent. Saving was Made

Problems of Geographic Influence

Differentiation of the White Race

Poles for Electric Transmission Lines

The Range-Finder

How Distances are Measured on the Battlefield

The Early History of Opium

The Velocity of Hertzian Waves

Long-Distance Measurements; Apparatus Used and Results Obtained

By H. E. Saunders

Instruments used on Aeroplanes

Comments on Their Functions and Defects

Experimenting with Searchlights


The Manufacture of Condensed Milk, Casein, Etc.—II

Discussion of Methods of Analysis

By R. T. Mohan

Modern Substitutes for Butter

Wholesome Materials that Have Long Been Under Suspicion

Fine Measuring Tools for Machinists

Built-in Hollow Method for Mounting Small Mammals

Typhus Fever

Cartridge Cases for Field Gun Ammunition

Ingenious Methods of Making the Powder Container for Rapid-Fire Guns

By Douglas T. Hamilton

The Mobilization of War Raw Materials in Germany

Cost of Electric Steel Making Furnaces

Making Shrapnel Bullets

Where the Mathematician Could Aid the Astronomer

The Desirability of Co-operation Between Different Branches of Science

World's Shipbuilding

Kinds of Coal Produced in the United States

Salts Colored by Cathode Rays


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