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The Resurrection of Babylon

Extensive Work that has so Far Proved Disappointing

A Galvanic Cell that Reverses its Polarity when Illuminated

Lime Burning

Conditions Necessary for Economical Production

The Construction of a Multiple Tuner

Complete Working Drawings and Specifications for the Amateur

By C. L. Sears

Geology in Relation to the Exact Sciences

Recent Progress in Astrophysics—III

Many Important Discoveries That Add to Our Knowledge of the Heavenly Bodies

By C. G. Abbot

The Larger Ions in the Air

Acquired Radio-Activity

The uniflow Steam Engine

A Modern Construction That Promotes Economy

Aid to Astronomical Research

Suggestions in Mechanisms

Some Curious Geometric Properties of Articulated Levers

By S. D. Mott

Continuous Drop Irrigation from a Thermos Bottle

The Safety of the Aeroplane

Apple Syrup and Concentrated Cider

Methods for Economic Utilization of Unmarketable Apples

The Unsolved Mystery of why the Stomach does not Digest Itself

Big Electric Generators

Gaint Artillery of Fifty Years Ago


  • The Medicine of the Old Testament—I

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July 31, 1915

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