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Is the Organism a Thermodynamic Mechanism—I

A Consideration of Certain Organic and Inorganic Systems in Relation to Physical Laws

By James Johnstone

Limits of Experimental Investigation

By Our Berlin Correspondent

High-Speed Printing Telegraph System

One of the Many Attempts to Solve a Difficult Problem

By Carl Kinsley

Insulating Armature Coils

Detecting Air Contamination from Gas Heating

Forest Fires

Present Production of Crude Tar Products

The Turbine, Diesel and Reciprocating Steam Engine

Searchlights and the Visibility of Distant Objects

Conditions Involved in Their Use and Suggestions for Increasing Their Power

Position of the American Tar Distiller

Watching the Enemy from the Fighting Line

New Devices Made Necessary by Modern Methods of War

Pure Water for the Army

Various Forms of Field-Service Filters

The Medicine of the Old Testament-II

Primitive Remedies, Practice and Superstitions of Ancient Palestine

By Stuart B. Blakely

Hydrated Lime

Processes of Manufacture and Some of the Advantages for the Consumer

A Comparison of Triple-Expansion and Turbo-Electric Engines for Ship Propulsion

A Home-Made Wireless Photo-Recording Set

The Principles Involved, and Practical Details of Construction

An Unusual Accident

Scouting with an Automobile

The Minimum Visual Angle

Compulsory Working of Patents

Some American History, and Practical Results in England

By Bernard C. Hesse


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