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Seeing under Water

How Things Look from a Fish's Point of View

The Prevision of Earthquakes

Conditions from Which Seismic Disturbances May be Foretold

The Hydrogenation of Oils and Soft Fats

A New Process that is Revolutionizing an industry

Harvest Disease Due

Improvised Defenses

And Devices for the Improvement of Existing Cover

The Time Factor in War

German Investments in the Dyestuffs Industry


What it is, what it Does and the Reason for Its Being Where it is

By William Swaine

John Muir in College

The Children's Room in the Smithsonian Institution

Recording Densimeter

High Explosives

A Brief Summary of Their History, Manufacture and Use

By L. S. Marsh

Reinforced Concrete in Siam

Is the Organism a Thermodynamic Mechanism?—II

A Consideration of Certain Organic and Inorganic Systems in Relation to Physical Laws

By James Johnstone

Problems of Airship Design and Construction

The Wood Preserving Industry

Construction of a Vibrating Rectifier

A Useful Apparatus for Charging Automobile Ignition Batteries

By Charles Fraasa

The New Internationalism in Agriculture

By H. C. Price

Icebergs and their Detection

The International Ice Patrol and the Valuable Work Accomplished by It

A New Method of Disinfecting Wounds

Some Notable Tests of Car Resistance

Agricultural Lime

Destruction of Flies and Disinfection


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