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A Mammoth Driving Wheel Lathe

An Exceptional Machine Capable of Doing Very Heavy Work

Berne Post Office Building

Advances in General Physics

Notes on Several Branches of Science in Which Our Knowledge has Increased

Protection against Insect Pests

Evolution of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Achievements in an Industry Typical of Modern Chemical Engineering

By Thomas J. Keenan

Making Zinc in Japan

Making Munitions of War in England

Harvesting Ice

New Methods of Cutting, Storing and Shipping the Natural Product

By Wm. H. Malia

Definition and Classification of Lime

The British Quick-Firing Field Gun

A Type of the Weapons that are so Extensively Used in the European War

The Therapeutic uses of Preparations of the Ductless Glands—II

Notes on Experimental Investigations of Undoubted Future Value

By Robert G. Torrey

A Fly Exhibition

Who Killed Cock Robin?

Notes on the Tariff History of Coal-Tar Dyes

Submarines and Torpedoes

How They are Operated, Maneuvered and Navigated

By Lieut.C. N. Hinkamp

Electric Smelting of Copper Ores

Powdered Coal

Revival of an Old Idea for Utilizing Coal Economically

Physical Theory of Jupiter

A New Way of Measuring Mental Ability

Studying the Psychology of the Individual

By A. M. Jungmann

Artificial Organic Dyes

Tillage of the Soil by Minute Living Organisms

Using Air for Ballast

Theory of Vertical Control of Balloons

By R. H. Upson

The Jitney Problem—I

Its Regulation, Its Relation to Street Railways, and How They Can Meet the Movement

By J. C. Thirlwall

Edible Wood


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August 28, 1915