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Measurement of the Distances of the Stars—I

A Review of Early Efforts and a Discussion of Modern Methods

Technical Utilization of Precious Stones

Working the Chickens Overtime

The Irrigation Works of India

Vast Engineering Schemes by Which the Dreaded Famine Scourge has Been Wiped Out

By H. J. Shepstone

Experimental Study of the Mechanism of Writing

Investigations in the New Science of Experimental Pedagogy

Seasoning Cast Iron

Military Explosives—II

Their Chemistry, Preparation and Action

Agriculture in Germany

And Significant Facts about Potash by Our Berlin Correspondent

Submarine Signaling

Some Recent Discoveries for the Safeguarding of Ocean Navigation

Great Inventions and the Public

Detecting Impurities in Steel

Stadium at Athens

Care of Exceptionally Bright Children

Special Methods of Training Necessary for Exceptional Minds

By Maximilian P. E. Groszmann

The Balata Industry

How this Little Known Gum is Collected and Marketed

Electrostatic Ore Separation

Principles of a New Method of Metallurgical Treatment

By I. C. Clark

Effect of Acetylene on Metals

Panama and Suez Canals

Artificial Light Treatment of Surgical Tuberculosis

A Substitute for Sun Baths that Promises Valuable Results

Practising Economy


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