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The Telegraph and Telephone in the German Army

An Elaborate Organization that has Brought About Great Changes in Maneuvers

Some Aspects of the Atomic Theory

Distinctions Between Molecules and Atoms and Results Derived Therefrom

By Frederick Soddy

Calorific Value of Coal

Buying and Selling Ore

War and the School

How the Interest of German School Children is Stimulated

Measurement of the Distances of the Stars—II

A Review of Early Efforts and a Discussion of Modern Methods

Two Historical Notes on Flotation

Effect of Oxy-Acetylene Welding on Health

A New Weighing Balance

Coppering Iron and Steel

Motion Picture Magic

What we See and what we think we See

By C. H. Claudy

Heating and Ventilating

The Theory of Cold Light

Can Light be Produced Other than by Temperature Radiation

By Wilder D. Bancroft

Triplex Glass

Your Lighting Bill for 1925

By Albert W. Deininger

Ripple Marks

A Study of Water Action on the Seashore

By Ch. Epry

The Antecedents of the Study of Character and Temperament

Primitive Superstition and the Evolution of Physiology

Alternatives in Case of a Dyestuff Famine


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