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Solar Radiation

New Evidence on the Intensity of Radiation Outside the Atmosphere

By C. G. Abbot, F. E. Fowle, and L. B. Aldrich

Testing Insulating Materials

A New Mastodon

Aerial Warfare and the Weather

Conditions that Affect Various Classes of Aircraft

New Aerodynamical Researches

Results of Many Important Experiments

By Gustave Eiffel

Chemical Changes in Geotropism

Manufacture of Coal-Tar “Crudes”

Dynamiting a Derelict

Removing a Wreck on the Great Lakes from the Cource of Navigation

Munition Metals

Some of the Numerous Materials Required for Military Purposes

Dissipating Fog by Electricity

The Mushroom Lorelei and its Dangers

By Riley M. Fletcher Berry

Electrical Precipitation of Suspended Matter

Electricity in Agriculture—I

Advantages that Make it a Necessity on a Modern Farm

By Carl J. Rohrer

Making Good Photographs

Practical Suggestions for Producing Useful Pictures

War Geology

Alcohol for Industrial Purposes

The Rifle and its Bullet

A Short History of Firearms and the Bullets they Use

Submarine Periscopes

The Principles of Construction in Various Types of Instruments

Protecting Congested Districts in Cities

Causes of Conflagrations, and Methods by which they Can be Prevented

The use of Cotton for the Production of Explosives

Boiler Corrosion and Scale to be Ended by the use of Electricity

Lining Mine Shafts


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