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The Sidereal Universe—I

Theories Regarding Its Constitution, Structure and Motions

By J. S. Plaskett

The Gun and the Aeroplane

The Difficulties and Principles of Aiming

The Utilization of Exhaust Steam

Various Ingenious Systems for Promoting Economy of Fuel

Electricity in Agriculture—II

Advantages that Make it a Necessity on a Modem Farm

By Carl J. Rohrer

Heavy Machinery used in Building Automobiles

A Non-Corrosive Alloy

Making Rain by Electricity

Handicapping an Army by Poor Sights

A Remarkable Heating and Ventilating System that Conserves the Comfort of 15,00 Workers

The Lac Insect

The Curious Insect That is the Source of Lac Varnishes

The Trend of Electrical Development

A Discussion of the Limits of Efficiency

Some Features of Road Construction

Road Surfacing and Corrugition

Ductile Tungsten

A Bottle Filling Alarm

Protecting the Frontier

Some Methods of Constructing Trenches

Motor Cars for Railways

Locomotives at the Smithsonian Institution

The Chemical Industries in the United States

A Review of the Situation at the End of the Year 1915

By I. F. Stone

Marine Semi-Diesel Engines

A French Bomb Thrower

Purifying Drinking Water on the Field

The Sudden Turning Grey of the Hair


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