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Weights of Elements

The Fundamental Principles Underlying the Choice of Standard Weights for the Elements

By John Waddell

Accuracy of Fire

The Principal Causes Affecting the Fire of Big Guns

New Types of Films

Some Aids to Designing

Proportioning the Machine to the Size of the Man

Heredity and Eugenics

Submarines that Crossed the Ocean

Amorphous Boron and Magnesium Boride

French Field Telephones

Applied Chemistry

What the Chemist has Done for Humanity, and his Relation to Manufacturers

By L. H. Baekeland

Torres and his Remarkable Automatic Devices

He Would Substitute Machinery for the Human Mind

The Steel Industry and a Year of War

A Review of Conditions in Four Leading Countries

The Sidereal Universe—II

Theories Regarding Its Constitution, Structure and Motions

By J. S. Plaskett

A Comparison of Steam and Electric Locomotives

A District Sanitary Disposal Plant

A Model Collection and Disposal System for City Waste Material

By Flora Spiegelburg

Myrtle Wax of Commerce

A Valuable Natural Product that has been Overlooked

Recent Studies in the Dynamics of Living Matter

Commercial Glucose

Its Constituents and Some of Its Many Uses

By George W. Rolfe

Physiological Effect of Natural Gas

Superheated Steam Engines

By E. R. Pearce


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