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Modern Methods of Composing Type

An Important Step in the Production of Printed Matter

Contact Electrification and the Electric Current

Historical Notes and Comments on the Various Theories

By Fernando Sanford

Large Grained Metals and the Ball Test

Mastication and Food Utilization

Preserving “Caste” in English Hospitals

The World's Yield of Iron and Coal

Titanium and its Effects on Steel

Some of the Results Secured by this New Oxidizing Agent

Making Natural History Popular

Attractive Museum Groups of Our Common Pond Reptiles

By Warren H. Miller

A Great Commercial Railway

The Passing of the Bertillon System of Identification

An Elaborate System of Measurements that has been Displaced by Simpler Methods

By Raymond B. Fosdick

Curious Cures

By Isabel F. Hapgood

Family Resemblances


Diet under War Conditions

Man's Development Illustrated

Busts Depict the Earliest Known Human Beings

By Allen Henry Wright

Flour Moths and Army Rations

Newly Discovered Enemies of the Human Race

A Gas Engine Economy

Films may Help in the Selection of an Occupation

Research and Progress in American Manufacture

What the Investigator Has Done and Can Do for Industries

By Raymond F. Bacon

Deaf-Mutism Produced by Shock

A Vulcanized Solution


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