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Science in the War and After the War

How Present Conditions are Being Met, and the Coming Commercial Conflict

Motion Pictures of Electrolysis

A Valuable Aid in Scientific Investigation

Surface Tension Due to Intermolecular Attraction

And Surface Tension Due to Molecular Direction Force in Liquid Crystals

By O. Lehmann

Saws and other Tools of Non-Rusting Alloys

The Electric Locomotive

Its Operation and Rating as Compared with Steam

By A. H. Armstrong

A Burning Oil Well

And the Well that Extinguished Itself

Power House Accounts

Lime and Portland Cement

Toughening Filter Papers

Snakes and their Value to the Agriculturist

Facts that Should be Known About Valuable Friends of the Garden

By R. W. Shufeldt

Animal Venoms and Venomous Animals

Effect of Ultra-Violet Light on the Eyes

Synthetic Phenol and Picric Acid

Methods of Producing Materials Now in Great Demand

By A. H. Ney

Hand Grenades in War

Potassium Photo-Electric Cells—I

A Study of the Relationship of Illumination and Current

By Herbert E. Ives

Paint and Dye Testing

Use of the White Flame Arc as a Standard

By Wm. Roy Mott

Fusible Boilers Plugs

The Disinfection of Swimming Pools


  • Letters

    Correspondence - November 27, 1915

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