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On the Structure of the Universe—I

The Ultimate Object of Stellar Astronomy

By H. Spencer Jones

Women as Munitions Makers

Mica from India

The German Potassium Salts

A Fertilizing Material Indispensable to the Agriculturists of the World

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Steel in the Light of Modern Research

A 5,000-Volt, Direct Current Electric Railway

Operating Trolley Cars with the Highest Voltage Yet Attempted

By Irving B. Smith

Motor Fuels

Vapor Tension and Other Characteristics of a Perfect Fuel

By Vivian B. Lewes

The Zodiacal Light

Zeppelin Bombs

Modern Heavy High Elevation Artillery

New Structural Designs that Have Resulted from New Methods of Use

Gathering Storax from the Sweet Gum Tree

An American Substitue for the Imported Drug

Variable Resistance Helical Spring Gear

The “Wolf Note” on String Instruments Played with a Bow

Combustion of Gasoline

Economies in Operating small Cars

Solving New Problems of Local Transportation

By J. F. Laying

Electro-Photography of Coins or Medals

Explosibility of Mixtures of Natural Gas and Air

Structure of Bud-Scales

Suggestions in Mechanisms

What Can be Done with a Circular Saw

By Samuel D. Mott

Mount Lasson

Science and the War

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Effects of Shell-Fire

How the Various Kinds of Projectiles Work

Electric Welding

The Various Methods in Use and Latest Improvements

By J. H. Bryan

Electric Conductors


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