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A Psychological Analysis of Stuttering

Indicating Faulty Visualization at Time of Speech

By Walter B. Swift

Effect of Smoke on Trees

Cancer—a Disease of Many Forms

The French Life-Saving Helmet

Which Has Greatly Reduced the Number of Head Wounds

The Noise of a Bullet

Cleaning a Steel Knife

Building a Big Earth Dam

Interesting Details and Methods of Construction

A Method of Detecting Various Mineral and Alkaloid Poisons in Water

The Transformation of Pure Iron

A Discussion of Certain Physical Properties, and the Question of Allotropy

Protective Coatings for Metals

A Review of Various Processes for the Prevention of Oxidation

By H. B. C. Allison

Some Noted Zoological Parks

The Gardens of the Zoological Society of Philadelphia

By R. W. Shufeldt

Cheap Subsitute for Horn

Germany Devises Substitutes

The Hardwood Distillation Industry

And What the Chemist Has Done for it

By S. W. Katzenstein

Action of Acetylene on Metals

The Cause and Cure of Pellagra

The Electrical Universe

By Our Berlin

A New Method of Mining Coal

Open Mining Made Possible by Giant Shovels

By John Timmons

Genus Allium

Antiquity and Utility

Artificial Rain

By E. Kruger

Rifle Fire

How it is Employed in Attack and Defense

Chinese Methods of Operating Machinery

Electric Activity in Ore Deposits—I

Complicated Conditions and Some of the Results

By Roger C. Wells

Potash in Spain



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