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Physiological Importance of Phase Boundaries

A Consideration of the Physical and Chemical Systems Concerned in Living Cells

By W. M. Bayliss

Rail Wear on Street Car Tracks

Russia's Power Resources

Steam Turbines

An Explanation of Their Principles and Operation

By Charles H. Bromley

Nature-Study in Agriculture

In Relation to Educational Motives and Purposes

By H. N. Goddard

The Nitrogen Problem in Arid Soils

Oil Films on Water and on Mercury

A Study That Tells Us of the Discontinuity of Matter and the Size of Molecules

By Henri Devaux

Waste Pine Wood Utilization

Some of the Products Obtained and Processes Employed

By John E. Teeple

A Test of Clean Milk Production

Developer for Black and White Copy

How Guncotton is Made

A Brief Description of the Manufacture of an Explosive Much Used in War

The Electric Arc in Vapors and Gases at Reduced Pressures

The Possibilities of a Lamp With Unconsumed Electrodes

By W. A. Darrah

Repelling Attacks of Aircrafts

Electric Activity in Ore Deposits—II

Complicated Conditions and Some of the Results Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 2087, Page 16, January 1, 1916

By Roger C. Wells

A New Briquetting Material


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