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The Improvement of the High Boiling Petroleum Oils—I

By the Action of Aluminum Chloride

By A. M. McAfee

Fire-proofing Stage Scenery

Fitting Motor Truck Rims

Rat-Fleas and Rat-Trypanosomes

Trenching and Mining Operations

Important Underground Maneuvers in the War

The Heart of the Athlete

Prevention of Trench-Foot

How Trees Heal their Wounds

Remarkable Powers of Recovery from Injuries by Vegetable Life

Leather Investigation

The Composition of Some Sole Leathers

By F. P. Veitch and J. S. Rogers

Cast Iron for Explosive Shells

A Wide and Narrow Gage Railway Comparison

Water Powers of Canada

Notes of the Natural Resources and Some of the Developments

Tortoise-Shell Divination

By Nobitake Tsuda, (Expert in the Imperial Museum Tokyo)

Bacteriology of Wounds in War

Complications that Have Resulted from Special Conditions

Metastability of Metals

By A. Vosmaer

An Old Boiler Explosion Theory Confirmed

The Largest Gasoline Ferryboat

A Successful Application of Gasoline Engines in Exacting Service

Electricity in the Field of War

Every Convenience of the City to be Found at the Front

Washing Locomotive Smoke

How a Serious Local Nuisance Was Overcome

The Control and Protection of Electric Systems

Immense Increase in Production of Electric Power and Difficulties that Have Been Overcome

By Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Effect of Magnetic Fields on Electric Meters

A Safe X-Ray Tube


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