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The Construction of the Heavens

A Survey of Progress of Sidereal Astronomy

Reinforced Aluminium Electric Cables

Osseine from Bones

The Destruction of Historic Edifices in Europe

And Efforts Made for their Protection

How Much Sulphur in Steel?

Oil-Burning Stand-by Plants

I'Sano Oil

Searchlights in War

How they are Used on Land and Sea

Our Merchant Marine—I

What It Has Been, What It Is and What It Ought to Be

Sharpening Files by a Sand Blast

Simple Process for Purifying Mercury

The U. S. Naval Engineering Experiment Station

A Valuable But Little Known Enterprise at Annapolis, Md

By Wm.L. DeBaufre

The Improvement of the High-Boiling Petroleum Oils—II

The Action of Aluminum Chloride Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 2090 Page 51, January 15, 1916

By B. A. M. McAfee

When the Railroad Lost Business

Anti-chlor. Respirators

By-Products of Gas Manufacture

Hydrocyanic Acid and its a pplications

An Ingenious Electric Drive Gear

Adapted for Light Railway Work

Autobus in Spain

Patient or “Case” ?

Zeppelin Airships

An Address, Historical and Descriptive, by Their Designer

Oil-Mixed Portland Cement Concrete—I

Notes on the Preparation and Use of a Valuable Building Material

Paper from Grapevines


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