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The Inner Life of some Common Plants

The Chemical Faculties that are Related to their Growth, Color and Activity

By P. Q. Keegan

A Ferry Operated by Trolley

Protection of Live Stock in Fields against Lightning

Munitions Profits

Rejections of Defective Materials Prove Costly

Heat Screen for Lenses

A Differentiator

An Instrument for Laying out Curves in Engineering Problems

By Armin Elmendorf

A New System of Cutting Gears

Saving Sinking Ships

Mucilage for Paraffin Paper

Acres of Tracing Cloth and Hogsheads of Ink

The Structure of the Atom—II

A Comprehensive Survey of the Development of Theories and the Present Situation Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 2092 Page 83, February 5, 1916

By K. Fajans

A Gas Stove Lighting Device

Induced Electromotive Force

Agriculture in France during the War

Ore Unloading on the Great Lakes

How the Immense Shipments of Ore Compelled the Development of Great Machines

By J. H. Stratton

Open Hearth versus the Electric Furnace

In the Manufacture of Commercial Steel

By Sidney Cornell

Rice Bread

An Anemometric Paradox

A Wind Motor that is not Affected by the Direction of the Wind

By R. Villers

Support for Violoncello

Depolarization in Leclanche Cells

A High Efficiency Incandescent Lamp

Steps in its Development, and Principales of Operation

Trade-Marks in the American Republic

A Plea for the Ratification of the Buenos Aires Convention

Cellulose for Explosives

A Correction

Japanese Radium

Present Condition of the Submarine

By Max A. Laubeuf


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    February 12, 1916

    Confronting Common Wisdom