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Evolution in Shipbuilding—I

The Wonderful Progress of the Past Century

By A. C. Holzapfel

Non-Porous Alloy Castings

Recent Studies of Pasteurized and Boiled Milk

Aerial Torpedoes

Old Devices That Have Been Revived During the Present War

A Chimney Periscope

The Spiders in Flowers

Hints on Judging Diamonds

School-Spread of Contagious Disease

A Source of Epidemics That is Neglected by Officials and Physicians

By Myer Solis-Cohen

The Periscope of the Submarine

Some Noted Zoological Parks

The Zoological Gardens of Melbourne

By R. W. Shufeldt

Coke as a Boiler Fuel

The Chinese Calendar


Interesting Facts Relating to Their History and Nature

By Frank Bailey

Protecting Motors Against Dust

The Early Days of the Railroad

Temperature Inversions in Relation to Frost

Methods for Anticipating Critical Periods and Protecting Crops

By Alexander McAdie

Metallographic Description of Ancient Peruvian Bronzes

Studies That Throw Light on Methods of Manufacture

By C. H. Mathewson

Rapid Production of Working Drawings

Concrete Disease

The Gulf Oil Field

The Relative Stimulating Efficiency of Spectral Colors for the Lower Organisms

By S. O. Mast


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    February 26, 1916