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The Importance of Geographical Research—I

And a Plea for More Accurate Methods

By H. G. Lyons

Our Modern Engineering Education

Boiler Explosion in Germany

War Illuminations

Various Methods That Have Proved Their Value

Torpedo Tubes

The Mechanisms Used Above and Below the Surface

Oxford India Paper

Industrial Militarism

Government Training to Develope the Individual

By John Lee Mahin

Copper Refining in 1914

Evolution in Shipbuilding—II

The Wonderful Progress of the Past Century

By A. C. Holzapfel

The Longest Railway Tunnel in America

The Roger's Pass Bore Through the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia

Notes on the History of Coal in the United States

Spots before the Eyes

Signaling Among the Ancients

Various Methods That Were Employed on Land and Sea

By Henry N. Shore

Petroleum Production in Galicia Decreasing

The Limitations and Possibilities of Radio Telephony

By Theodore N. Vail

Clean Linen for Steamships

Wood older than the Hills

Interesting Specimens Found in Glacial Deposits

By Arthur Koehler

How Bacteria Were First Seen

Some Remarkable Armadillos

Interesting Armored Mammals of South America

By Bergner

The Screw Propeller

A Discussion of Slip, Cavitation and Other Operating Factors

By Archibald Denny

The Action of Gases on Iron and Steel

Drying Films for the Movies


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