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The Structure of the Earth—I

And Some of the Forces that have Shaped its Surface

By Grenville A. J. Cole

Handling Concrete in Building Operations

Apparatus Designed for Rapid and Economical Operation

Modern Concrete Sewers and other Structures

Made Possible by the Use of Steel Reinforcement

Pasteurized Milk

Ocean Temperatures in the Vicinity of Icebergs

Investigations Made for Promoting Safety at Sea

By C. W. Waidner, H. C. Dickinson and J. J. Crowe

Gathering Food for Bees

Gelatine as a Food for the People

By Ernst Homberger

American Built Locomotives, Abroad

Many Styles Necessary to Meet Foreign Requirements

Currency in China

Unnoticed Pollution of the Air

The Importance of Geographical Research—II

And a Plea for More Accurate Methods

By H. G. Lyons

Finishing Wood Surfaces

A Simple Dressing for Wounds

The Calorimeter as the Interpreter of the Life Processes

A Study of the Fuel Requirments of the Humane Individual

Extinguishing Burning Liquids

The Development of Military small Arms

A Brief Review of the History of Portable Fire Arms

By Orin B. Mitcham

Simple Sodium Lamp for Polariscope

Concussion Blindness

One of the Typical Developments of the War

By F. Hertz and W. Ormond

Sub-Aqueous Storage of Oil Fuel

Uses of Tungsten


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