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The Physician and the Weather Bureau

Advantages to Be Gained by Study of Weather Reports

By Ford A. Carpenter

Alcohol in War

By Alexander Elster

Electrolyte for Pocket Lamp Batteries

A Non-Conducting Coating

The World's Largest Electric Kitchen

That Easily Feeds Thousands Each Day

Using the American Ephemeris to Make Your Own Almanac

By Frederic Campbell

Some Unsolved Problems of Photo-Chemistry

The Chloroyphyll Problem

By Harry A. Curtis

Electric Power in Alaska

Calculations for Ships' Forms

What Model Experiments Show in Regard to Resistance, Propulsion and Rolling of Ships

By D. W. Taylor1

A New Antiseptic

Quality of Limestone for Burning

Ridding Houses of Insects

The Woods of Hawaii

Notes on the Most Important Varieties, and Their Economic Value

By Vaughan McCaughey

Wells More Than a Mile Deep

Protection against Lightning

Wood for Golf Clubs

The Structure of the Earth—II

And Some of the Forces That Have Shaped Its Surface

By Grenville A. J. Cole

Testing Hardness of Metal

The Proper Mixing of Chemical Solutions Used in Photography

Gasoline from Natural Gas

Meteorology of the Moon

Various Phenomena from Which Lunar Conditions Are Deduced

By William H. Pickering

London Traffic

Our Largest Trees

Insects and War

Some Characteristics of Nusiances That Are Also Known in Times of Peace

By Arthur Everett Shipley


  • Letters

    Correspondence - March 18, 1916

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