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Light and Illumination

A Survey of the History, Principals and Practice of Lighting

By Charles P. Steinmetz

Experiments with Watches

What is Done for the Wounded

How they are Collected at the Front and Transferred to the Permanent Hospitals

The Heart in Warfare

A Simple Vacuum Pump

By Charles E. Duryea

Flow of Air Through Nozzles

Prevention of Rust by Painting

English Rifle Grenades

Application of Chemistry by the Municipality

Some of the Many Places Where a Knowledge of Chemistry is Essential

By Hermann W. Mahr

Chinese Weights and Measures

The Relation of Rodent Plague to Human Infection

How Infection is Transmitted, and Measures for Prevention

By W. C. Rucker

The Fuel Supply of a Big Power Plant

Storage of Coal at New York

By J. F. Spinger

Battlefield Casualties

Oxy-Acetylene Welding Practice

The Welding of Sheet Metal and Boiler Work by the Fusion Method

By S. W. Miller

Thermal Instrument for Current Measurements

Inflammability of Gasoline and of Gasoline Vapor

Slag Portland Cement Manufactured from Blast Furnace Slag

Effect of Light on Plants

A Study of Plant Action Under Various Conditions

How the U. S. Geological Survey Contributes to Public Health

Insects and War—II

Some Characteristics of Nuisances that are Also Known in Times of Peace

By Arthur Everett Shipley

Loss of Weight by Platinum Crucibles

The Precious Stones Industry in the United States


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