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The Specificity of Proteins and Carbohydrates

In Relation to Genera, Species and Varieties

By Edward Tyson Reichert

The Ignition of Explosive Gas Mixtures by Electric Sparks

Artificial Camphor

The King of Elephants

One of the Surprises of Trench-Digging

By W. P. Pycraft

A New use for Sawdust

The Washington Navy Yard Wind Tunnel

By Which Various Aeronautical Problems Are Studied

Vine Hedges

Food Selection—II

For Rational and Economical Living

By C. F. Langworthy

Ancient Principles of Physiognomy

An Interesting Fact Relating to Cement

A Museum Becomes the Seat of Government

How the Quarters of the Geological Survey of Canada Were Converted for Legislative Use

By Harlan I. Smith

War Brings Prosperity to the Cutlers

The Utilization of Peat

Salts, Soil-Colloids and Soils

Problems of Reclaiming and Maintaining Waste Land

By L. T. Sharp

The Surface-Tension at the Interface between Two Liquids

By William D. Harkins and E. C. Humphery

Making Wild Animals take their Own Pictures

Special Apparatus for Making Nature Studies

By William Nesbit

The Simplex Calendar—A Correction

A Reagent for Etching Mild Steel

“Ghost Lines”

Phenomena Observed in Large Steel Castings

By J. O. Arnold

How Stone is Sold


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