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The Earth

From the Geophysical Standpoint

By John F. Hayford

Garlic Juice in Wound Treatment

Chemistry of Grape Ripening

Protecting Metals by Aluminium

Scientific Bomb Dropping

Sighting Devices for Aircraft Bombs

A Notable Engineering Work

How a Big Railroad Problem was Solved


The Collapse of Cylindrical Rods

The Industrial Development of Japan

What Intelligent Co-operation Has Done for the Country

By Charles Richards Dodge

A New Glass for Culinary Ware

Sweet Clover

Gaining in Favor as a Cultivated Crop

Insects that Perplex Naturalists

Many Strange Features That Have Defied Explanation

By Harold Bastin

The Loom and Spindle

Corrosion Resisting Steel and Iron

Telegraph Codes of the World

Various Systems of Signs Used for the Electrical Transmission of Thoughts

Peanut Oil

The Development of the Automobile Differential

Mechanisms for Controlling the Operation of the Driving Wheels of Motor Vehicles

By Victor W. Pag*amp*eacute;

The Hardness of Drills

Profits from Drug Plants

Early History of the Anglo-Egyptian Soudan

From the Point of View of the Ethnologist

By Charles G. Seligman

The Manufacture of Synthetic Perfumes

Use for Electric Fans in Winter


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