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Radiation from Atoms and Electrons—I

A Study of the Character of the Mechanism Within the Atom

By J. J. Thomson

Improving Negatives for Printing

The Extension of Human Life

By Irving L. Fisher

Reducing our Waste in Eggs

What the Demonstration Car of the Department of Agriculture is Doing

By M. E. Pennington, H. C. Pierce and H. L. Shrader

Extinction of Species

Aeroplane Struts

Gas-filled Tungsten Glow Lamps

The Bagdad Railway and the European War

Progress Made Up to the Outbreak of the War and Present Lack of Materials

By Lewis R. Freeman

Sunlight a Necessity for the Maintenance of Health

By J. W. Kime

A Novel Evaporator

Teaching Scientific Forestry

Valuable Work Done By a State Institution

By Hugh S. Baker

Museums as Aids to Forestry

By Harlan I. Smith

Physical and Mechanical Factors in Corrosion

How the Mechanical Heterogeneity of Metals Affects the Process

By Cecil H. Desch

The Transport of Material in the Form of Dust

By T. C. Cloud

Signaling at Sea

Great Electro-Magnets—I

Wonderful Instruments Proposed for the University of Paris

An Unexpected Water Supply

Aluminium Dust

Effects of Electrolysis on underground Piping Systems

Various Dangers and Methods of OvercOming Them

By Albert F. Ganz

The Food Supply of the German People

An 18-Inch Gun

A Mechanism of Protection against Bacterial Infection

By Carroll G. Bull


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