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Radiations from Atoms and Electrons- II

A Study of the Character of the Mechanism within the Atom

By J. J. Thomson

Noise is Wasted Energy

Correlations of the Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Steel

Fighting Noise Consumes Energy

Water Hyacinths in the Panama Canal

The Dandelion

A New Field Product with Various Uses

A New Thermo-Galvanometer

Ancient Mesopotamia

And the Irrigation System that Made it a Fertile Territory

By Arthur Selwyn-Brown

Food Economics

By Harry Campbell

Note on the Transparency of the Atmosphere in Central Australia

Portland Cement

An Old World Chisel

By Carl Hawes Butman

Utilizing Western Lignites

The Sun Temple in Mesa Verde Park

A Lesson in Ancient American History

By Carl Hawes Butman

Automatic Looms

Sand Filters

The Future of Ship Propulsion

A Comparison of Various Systems of Power and Arrangements of Propellers

Visual Pattern-Discrimination in the Vertebrates a Demonstration of the Dog's Deficiency in Detail-Vision

By H. M. Johnson

Great Electro-Magnets—II

Wonderful Instruments Proposed for the University of Paris

Measuring Snowfall

Shoal Water Corals

The Ecology of the Floridian and Bahaman

By Thomas Wayland Vaughan

Notes on Plant Chemistry

Some of Little-Known Characteristic of Common Flora

By P. Q. Keegan

Aeroplane Stability


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