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Radiations from Atoms and Electrons—IV

A Study of the Character of the Mechanism within the Atom

By J. J. Thomson

Brittleness of Annealed Copper

Metals to Replace the Carbon Arc and Platinum

Diesel Engines in Germany

Military Telescopes and Binoculars

Some of the Scientific Instruments Used by Field Officers

Noise means Loss of Power

Bags from Straw Fibre

How Men Work in the Depths of the Sea

Facts Relating to Diving and Diving Apparatus

Every Man his Own Electric Lamp

War Projectiles

Details of the Shells Now Used by the Different Nations

By C. A. Tupper

Eye-Piece for use with Optical Instruments

The Turquoise

And its Supposed Medical Properties

By R. I. Geare

Plants from China

Results of the First Plant Introduction Expedition Yields Promising Specimens

Testing Insulation

Babylonian Cosmology

Early Groupings of Humanity after an Explanation of the Mystery of Being

By Hector Macpherson

The Molting of the King Penguin

The Buoyancy of Zeppelins

What is the Function of the Ballonet?

Surface Combustion

Some Recent Experiments on a Valuable Method of Heat Production

By L. J. Bradford and C. D. Corwin

Producing Pure Iron

Concrete Workshop Floors

Steam Power for Aeroplanes

A Survey of the Various Systems Available and the Feasibility of the Form of Power

By James G. Dudley

Galvanizing Processes in Germany

Varnish Troubles


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