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Radiations from Atoms and Electrons—V

A Study of the Character of the Mechanism Within the Atom

By J. J. Thomson

Regenerating Hydroquinone Developer

Earthquakes in California

Airships: Rigid; Semi-Rigid and Non-Rigid

Some of the Internal Details of Vessels Now in Use

Aviation Sickness, Its Symptoms and Cure

Refraction and Accommodation in the Dog's Eye:—A Correction

By H. M. Johnson

New Enlarging and Projection Apparatus

The New York Zoological Park

One of the World's Most Notable Institutions

By R. W. Shufeldt

“Pupinized” Telephone Lines

An Invention by Means of Which Telephone Conversations can be Carried on Over Long1 Distances

By Francis B. Crocker

Some Characteristic Views in the Zoological Park New York

News in the New York al Park

Similar Park in the World, and and Reptiles is a Notable One

Science for the Home

Losses and Other Chemical Changes in Roiling Vegetables

By Katherine I. Williams

Highly Phosphorescent Calcium Sulphide

The use of Clay Products in Domestic Building Construction

The Development of the Military Aeroplane

A Discussion of the Question of Size

By F. W. Lanchester

Special Steels

With Particular Regard to Their Use in Motor Vehicles

By Samuel I. Hoyt

The Utilization of Cull Citrus Fruits

Suggestions for Saving a Natural Product That Is Now Largely Wasted

By F. Alex. McDermott

Engineers and the Law


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