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Radiations from Atoms and Electrons—VI

A Study of the Character of the Mechanism Within the Atom

By J. J. Thomson

The Visibility of Distant Objects in Warfare

Vertical Gas Retorts

Drift Problems in Optics

The Mountain Gun and Mule Team

How Light Guns of Special Construction Are Transported Over Rough Ground

Burning Kerosene Successfully

Locating Bullets in Human Bodies

Operations Made Accurate by the Roentgen Ray

Direct and High-Angle Fire

Economy in Study—IV

Is Your Thinker in Order?

By George Van N. Dearborn

Good Roads and the Automobile

Various Methods Of Construction and the Material Employed

By A. M. Jungmann

The Transmission of Electric Energy from Sweden to Denmark

The use of Oak in France

The “Noble” Gases

How the “Nitrogen” of a Generation Ago Has Been Made to Yield Other Elements of Value to Chemistry

By Henry P. Talbot

Oils and other Reagents in Flotation

By Robert J. Anderson

A Remarkable Soap Bubble

Progress in Arc Lamp Technology

Advantages of the Newer Designs Compared With the Incandescant Filament

Mechanotherapy at Home

Polishing Metal with Clay

A Rust-Proofing Process

The Chemistry of Amorphous Solids

Some Generalizations Based on Recent Researches

By Warren H. Lewis

Invar and Related Nickel Steels

Materials Having Peculiar Properties of Value for Scientific Instruments


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    Correspondence - June 10, 1916

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