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Chemical Gardens

Some Pleasing Experiments That Are Easily Performed

By S. Leonard Bastin

Danger in Shaking Hands

Cement Trade in Ecuador

Synchronous Gearing

Mechanisms of Essential Importance in the Printing Telegraph

The Mechanism of a Dream

Operations of the Mind When Volition Is In a State of Suspense

By John Bassett Chapin

Power from Tidal Currents in the Bay of Fundy

Baking Paint on Steel Cars

Medicines used by the Ancient Romans

The Proposed German Nitrogen Monopoly

Phosphorescent Calcium Sulphide

Winter in the Trenches

Disheartening Conditions for the Fighting Men in France

Electric Truck Troubles

Early Experiences of Manufacturers, and How They Have Been Overcome

By F. E. Whitney

The Sidereal Center

Zinc Wire

Production of Iron Ore

Artificial Seasoning of Timber

Methods and Principles Adopted for Various Materials

By Ollison Craig

A New System of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy

By Fritz E. Uttmark

Oceanic Tides with Special Reference to the Work of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey

A Method of Drop Measuring Liquids and Suspensions

By R. Donald

A New Bunsen Burner

Energy Transformations during Horizontal Walking

By Francis G. Benedict and Hans Murschhauser


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