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The Fallacy of the Nebular Hypothesis

Celestial Mechanics and Other Facts That Demand a New Theory

By Daniel Buchanan

Drying Methods

Collecting Minute Plankton

The Making of Military Roads

Extensive Work Necessary for the Efficiency of an Army in the Field

Electrolytic Iron

Throwing Liquid Fire

One of the Novel Weapons Brought Fourth by the War

The Purification of Water Supplies

Various Systems Adopted and Some of the Results Obtained

By Edwin O. Jordan

Making Roads and Men

Modern Methods That Are a Double Benefit to the Public

By O. R. Geyer

A Case of Arsenic Poisoning

Electricity on the Farm

Capillarity and Soap Films

Economy in Study—V

Examination Preparedness

By George Van N. Dearborn

The War-Zeppelin

By C. Dienstbach

Wireless for Motorboats

A Lecture-Room Oscillograph

An Instrument for Projecting Images of Alternating-Current and Voltage Waves Without Distortion

By H. G. Crane and C. L. Dawes

A Marine Disaster on the Coast of China

Some of the Essentials of Preparation

The Reform of the Man of Science

Education and Preparedness

The Scientific American Supplement Index for Vol. 81


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