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The Human Body as an Electrical System

Interesting Facts of Value Both to the Physician and the Electrician

By G. Bucky

Dryers for Photographic Work

Synthetic Indigo from China

The Application of Scientific Methods to the Improvement of the Sugar Beet

Filipino Toys

How Our Young Island Wards Amuse Themselves

By Alva R. Brane

Action of Periodic Forces on Drops

The Rusting of Iron

And Some Methods for its Protection

Making Iridescent Skins on Artificial Pearls

Electro-Plating with Cobalt

Some Results of Experiments with a New Metal of Great Promise

Minor Products of Wood

The Columbia River Highway

A State Road that is a Model of Artistic Engineering

The Brownian Movement

Modern Air

Facts Relating to Air and Ventilation in Relation to Health

By John F. Norton

Dynamical Stability of Aeroplanes

By Jerome C. Hunsaker

The Projecting Lantern

Its Principles Development and Operation

By John B. Taylor

Power Situation in Germany and Austria during the War

The Gas Turbine Problem

Cumberland Process of Preventing Corrosion

The Culebra Slides at Panama


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