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The Specific Characteristics of Vitality

Essential Differences between the Living and Non-Living State

By David Fraser Harris

Prehistoric Irrigation Ditch Built by Indians

The Microscope Fine Adjustment

Gun Emplacements and Concealment

Considerations that Determine the Selection of Battery Positions

Suffocating Gases and their Antidotes

Campaigning in the Snow

Some Things a Ski is Good For

The Elephant Butte Dam

The Greatest Irrigation Storage Enterprise in the World

Paper Pulp from New Woods

How Long will our Oil Supply Last

Solid Solutions

Inter-Metallic Compounds, and Annealing and Properties of Metal


And Color-Vision Theories, Including the Theory of Vision

By F. W. Edridge Green

The Life and Relining of Guns

An Electric Haulage System

Controlling Cars at a Distance from a Central Station

By F. E. Woodford


Earth Currents and Magnetic Disturbances

By Otto Klotz

Photographic Effect of Luminous Watches

Vitamin Solution of the Pellagra Problem

Shrapnel Shells

How they are Designed and Tested

By George P. Jewell

Wave or Vortex

Drainage to Prevent Erosion

Benjamin Brooks

The Cosmological Ideas of the Greeks

Philosophy Which Aimed to Comprehend the WorId in a Natural Way

By Hector MacPherson

Fundamentals of Signaling


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    July 15, 1916

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