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Infantile Paralysis

Its Nature, Manner of Conveyance and Means of Prevention

By Simon Flexner

The Cyclo-Harmonograph

An Instrument for Drawing Large Classes of Important Higher Plane Curves

By Robert E. Moritz

A Memorial to the Engine Room Staff

Experimental Biology

Automobiles in the Great War—II

Types of Cars Used and Technical Details Considered in the Light of Experience Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 2117, page 67, July 29, 1916

By W. F. Bradley

German Chemical Industries Combine

An Electrically Operated Marble Quarry

Many Different Machines at Widely Scattered Points Demonstrate the Advantages of this Kind of Power

By Frank C. Perkins

The Hudson Bay Railway

Materials used in Case Hardening

By R. A. Millholland

Rapid Nickel Plating

Investigations With a View of Improving Present Methods

By Oliver P. Watt


By M. Meyerhof

Water Power in the United States

The Restoration of the Dinosaur Podokesaurus Holyokensis

With Reproductions of the Authors Original Drawings

By R. W. Shufeldt

The Future of the Steam Locomotive

A Consideration of the Factors of the Different Motive Powers Available

By John E. Mulfield

Improving the Physique of Americans

Utilization of Nettle Fiber


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